For lovers of Swiss flavors



For lovers of Swiss flavors



The Swiss chocolate beyond comparison

When it comes to Swiss chocolate, it is all about the combination of the high-quality cocoa beans and the milk from the pre-Alps. The renowned richness, complexity, and compelling aromas are so often held up as a paragon of Swiss tradition and craftsmanship. These are the qualities of the marvel innovation of our partner, Maître-chocolatier, a genuine smooth and creamy Swiss chocolate, a true authenticity ever existed.

Swisstasting - Le chocolat suisse par excellence

A range of authentic Swiss delicacies

Choosing the right product requires careful consideration of its composition, manufacturing process, and ethical standards. This is the reason why the diligent selection of natural ingredients and their local origin are of paramount importance in the process. This approach is at the heart of our intentions to promote the craftsmanship of passionate producers and the authenticity of a 100% Swiss chocolate.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate perfectly unites the intense mix of cocoa with the creamy sweetness of Swiss milk. Its finesse, roundness and balance flavor that highlights the best of Swiss chocolate-making expertise.

Dark chocolate 72%

An exquisite chocolate, lavishing with contrast and subtlety. With intensity of the original cocoas, fruity and harmonious notes, it perfectly delivers a richness, a roundness, a splendid palette of different types of cocoa with a rich and full-bodied flavor in the mouth.

About us

The ideal culinary products delegate for a renowned uniqueness of Swiss artisanal.

We believe wholeheartedly in the Swiss culinary products. Our intention is to promote their quality, whilst ensuring their availability for an easy accessibility to the consumers. The country abounds in artisanal productions, and it is essential to provide more support and visibility they deserve. We are determined to establish trust and fond relationships with the artisanal producers to identify the best products.

To guarantee an outstanding quality of all SwissTasting products, the distribution on the Swiss and International market is assured by recognized and established channels.

Our partner

For more than a century, Villars has been perpetuating the tradition of Maîtres Chocolatiers by being faithful to the Swiss terroir and by selecting the best ingredients.

Villars Maître Chocolatier has always favoured raw materials and suppliers from Switzerland: 100% Swiss milk and sugar, as well as most of the packaging. To obtain exceptional chocolate, Villars has chosen to select and roast the cocoa beans itself on site at the chocolate factory in the heart of Switzerland, in Fribourg.

Offering the best chocolate, in full compliance with the standards of the profession, also means being responsible towards its employees and its environment. This is why the company works in accordance with the values of transparency, both in the choice of raw materials and ingredients.



We are always looking for extraordinary Swiss flavors. To find out more about our business, please contact us. We are delighted to walk you through every steps of the way.
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